Driving Schools in Coventry

Driving Lessons by Mozey Pictures are a local driving school in Coventry. We are based only in Coventry yet we recommend other diving schools from around the country. We started our driving school in Coventry because we believe in safe driving skills for life and we happen to live here. If you need Driving Schools in Coventry we are the people for you.

Since teaching people how to learn to drive we thought it would also be good to teach people how to be great drivers, you see its not about the test at all. Many people think Driving Schools in Coventry are just to help get the licence, its not true. The same goes for people learning to drive with Aceway driving lessons in Birmingham  A Birmingham based driving school helping people to pass their driving test first time.

When we passed our test, years ago, it was all about just that. Getting your driving licence, but through the years we realise the lucky escapes we have had, in fact some of our friends are no longer with us. Sad fact of life, but life does go on and we have to learn from mistakes. The last thing you want is to get your driving licence then speed off like a twat and kill yourself, someone else, or perhaps have life changing consequences.

Recently we were talking to a receptionist in a hotel, she was really nice but it was hard not to stare at her double scar on her face. Imagine a scar from the chin going up to the side of the mouth then horizontal across the cheek. That was her scar. She asked us what we do and we said we give driving lessons in Coventry, thats when she started talking about her accident.

It was a few years ago with her BF driving, she was a passenger. He came out of the crash fine but she had life changing facial injuries, all because he was driving too fast and lost the car on a bend. Book your test by clicking here

If you want to be safe, take our driving lessons in Coventry. Phone us today.
We have friends all over the UK who help people learn to drive and you ought to click here this link if you live in Killamarsh, Derbyshire www.thedrivingacademy-yorkshire.co.uk/driving-lessons-killamarsh it’s a local driving school in Killamarsh with a big reputation. They will also say that learning to drive is not about passing the driving test, getting your licence is a consequence of being a safe driver.

There is just no need for you to concentrate just on the test, its why people fail and its why people have accidents after the test. Did you know that more people fail the test than pass it. And thats because they are trained to pass the test and not trained to be safe. Simple!

So do yourself a huge favour and train to be safe.